Chapter 2 page 16

The laundrybots congratulate Emmie on their new job and offer a gift. Emmie is overcome with emotion and embraces Ibao and Sanbao, weeping tears of joy and terrifying the laundrybots. Mid embrace, Emmie notices a new face - a shorter cube on a smaller platform with a blushing, uncertain expression.
Sibao: Cheers for Emmie!
(Erbao: Cheer! Cheer!)
Ibao: We’ll each do a free load of laundry for you! 
Sanbao: You can save it for whenever you want!
Emmie: You… (Ibao… Erbao… Sanbao… Sibao…)
You guys…
YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEEEEESST!! (bawwwww sobbbbb) *launch*
Ibao and Sanbao: UWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
Emmie: Eh?
?: He… hello…
Emmie: Oh, you’re…?
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