Chapter 2 page 12

Emmie admires Fara’s outfit, and then is cheerfully set on runlist chores.
Emmie: Oooh~ Fara, your scarf is sooooo pretty!
Fara: Why thank you! We’re promoting a sale today at Suiji Accessories!
By the way, Emmie, I know you have a job now… But do you think you might still have time to help out with the runlist?
Emmie: Of course! You know my job is only part-time!
Fara: Wonderful! I have some laundry runs— *gestures towards mountains of laundry piles behind her*
Emmie: Ooh~! I love doing laundry~!! Can I take Ranran with me?
Fara: Certainly! You can clean Ranran at the same time.
Emmie: *tie tie sort sort sort bag bag bag tie tie tie*
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