Chapter 2 page 107

CinderEmmie, wielding a broom and dustpan and wearing sparkling glass slippers, falls from the sky. Morio B, wearing a crown and an apron depicting a plate of pancakes with a crown icon over it, looks up. He’s holding a whisk dripping with batter and is flanked by Morio A. XIÀ, Miss Princess Turtle, and Robot with Blue Beard also appear.
2.1 The Adventures of CinderEmmie and Miss Princess Turtle
CinderEmmie: Robot who is good at cleaning things and then misplacing them.
Miss Princess Turtle: A beautiful princess from under the sea. CinderEmmie’s good friend.
Robo-Fairy Godmother XIÀ: Self-explanatory.
Prince Morio: Robot prince of pancakes and giant unicorn snakes.
Robot with blue beard: Robot who gets mad and yells a lot when people open things they’re not supposed to. (Doesn’t appear in this story)
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