Chapter 2 page 102

Morio B the android is seated at the kitchen table, eyes closed as he recharges. He opens his eyes and raises his head when Emmie calls to him. The latter is wearing the blanket like a hood and carrying the futon, pillos, and Ranran. With Morio’s blessing, Emmie heads down to the basement to see Morio A, the giant unicorn snake.
Emmie: Um, hey Morio? Morio B?
Morio: Yes?
Emmie: Is it OK if I charge in the basement? I know it’s bigger, but if you A is there—
Morio: You’re more than welcome to.
Emmie: Yay! Thanks! Byebyeseeyoulater!
Hi again! *trot trot trot*
Morio: Hello again.
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