Chapter 11 page 70

A sunset with richly coloured purple, orange, pink colours. One of them looks like a happy sheep. Below, birds, petals and leaves soar through the air above the silhouettes of two groups of people. They gaze up at the same sky, separated by geography and the words cascading down the page. On the left, standing in dark blue and green grass: Prince Morio (both bodies), Miss Princess Turtle, CinderEmmie and Wren holding hands. On the right, standing in orange and purple pampas grass: Wubao, Storyteller Zhou, Prince Shiny, Prince Yùzǐ and Sibao.
[All right. You might be wondering.
“Did they actually find their fortunes and live happily ever after?”
we already know nothing is forever, 
not even for robots.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to go on this journey to begin with.
If nothing is forever, then that means:
Everything changes. Including us, and our ideas about fortunes and living happily.]
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