Chapter 11 page 7

The three robot princes riding on Morio A enter a forest with a carved overhanging sign that says "Forest". From the tree branches, three green birds notice the princes. Green Birds 2 and 3 get into a fight, while Green Bird 1 tells the princes about a princess living in a castle surrounded by breaking waves.
Green Bird 1: Hey, look! It’s some handsome robot princes!
Green Bird 2: Oh, it’s four robot princes.
Green Bird 3: No, it’s three robot princes.
Green Bird 2: You think I don’t know how to count??
*Vvhrrr squawk dddkkkk – Green Birds 2 and 3 start fighting in a cloud of claws and feathers*
Green Bird 1: Hey robot princes! 
I hear you’re seeking your fortunes! 
In a faraway kingdom, there’s a beautiful princess. You should go there and ask for her hand in marriage!

Author’s notes: Today’s the last day of Canzine… or it was, until they extended it for one more day, to Tuesday Oct 26 at midnight! I believe it’s midnight EST, since it’s based in Toronto 🙂 You can check out the entire virtual festival at, and the direct link to my exhibitor page/store is here!

♥ Maiji (October 25, 2021)

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