Chapter 11 page 68

CinderEmmie checks in with Wren on the outcome of the story while Earl Grey Eggcakes looks on. Wren raises her wand and points it accusingly at CinderEmmie.
CinderEmmie: So is that the end of the story?
Wren: No! It’s not the end!! We can’t finish the story yet!!
CinderEmmie: Why, are we missing something?
Wren: CinderEmmie has a dress in the drawing at the beginning!! But you’ve been wearing a t-shirt and pyjama pants this whole time!!
CinderEmmie: Oh, that’s right! (T-shirts and pyjama pants are easy to put on…) I only wear the dress if there’s a fancy party.
Wren: So we have to have a party!!
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