Chapter 11 page 67

Messagebot maijis flit over a scroll showing the Prince Morio joining Miss Princess Turtle and CinderEmmie, while Prince Shiny, Wubao, Prince Yùzǐ and Sibao meet up with Storyteller Zhou. Storyteller Zhou looks up in surprise. Prince Shiny apologizes for imposing, but Storyteller Zhou laughs it off.
[So the first robot prince stayed with CinderEmmie and Miss Princess Turtle, 
and the other two robot princes embarked on a journey with the sparkle summoners and the storyteller. 
Everyone promised to stay in touch on a regular basis.]
*Messagebot maijis fwip fwip fwip*
Storyteller Zhou: Huh. I didn’t realize there were going to be so many people…
Prince Shiny: I am sorry…
Storyteller Zhou: Nah, it’s fine! Sparkle summoning’s really handy! (hahaha)
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