Chapter 11 page 66

CinderEmmie peeks over the page down at Miss Princess Turtle, who is swimming in the water surrounded by carp with Prince Morio A behind her. She signs vigorously in response to CinderEmmie’s comment. CinderEmmie huffs and complains about the logic until Miss Princess Turtle appeases her and changes the topic to remind her that everything worked out positively. On the previous page, Fara chimes in with her own opinion. Thus settled, CinderEmmie flips the page back to the main story.
CinderEmmie: Hey, what Mrs. Fairy G said, I said the same thing!
Miss Princess Turtle: *sign sign sign sign sign sign sign* “Not exactly. You said that people who understand each other are treasures so if the robot princes can understand each other it’s like finding their fortune.”
 “Retired Fairy G on the flipper-side redefined success to help the robot princes make a clear connection to what fortunes actually mean to them.”
Cinder Emmie: So complicated…! It was basically the same thing…!!
Miss Princess Turtle: *signing* OK, it was basically the same thing. The important thing is that it worked out.
CinderEmmie: Yeah!!
(Fara: I said the present is a gift! 🙂
Frannie: aaaaa)
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