Chapter 11 page 61

Mrs. G appears in a green and pink flowered qipao with a flower in her hair and swallowtail butterfly wings. She floats comfortably above the ground, and makes her way past Early Grey Eggcakes Dottybutt, Wren still holding the wand over her head, and CinderEmmie, over to the three robot princes. She catches up on what she missed by flipping through the previous pages.
CinderEmmie: Mrs. G!
Mrs. G: That’s the retired Fairy G to you!
CinderEmmie: What’re you doing here if you’re retired?
Retired Fairy G: I’m backing up for your Robo-Fairy Godmother who’s on vacation. But I keep forgetting the voice mail password… 
Let’s see (catching up on the pages I missed…) That’s right, seeking your fortune is a fancy way of saying “find what makes you famous and rich”. But that’s because society thinks those are things everybody wants.
So really, your true fortune is what you want.
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