Chapter 11 page 60

CinderEmmie charges up from behind, appalled, and grabs Wren away. The two of them argue. Suddenly, another mysterious figure appears in a swirl of glittering jade clouds.
CinderEmmie: Wren!! *grab* You can’t just go around saying stuff like that! 
Wren: Why!! *wriggle wriggle*
CinderEmmie: Because it’s rude!! And it’s not that easy!!
Wren: Why!!
CinderEmmie: Because… because it’s easier to say things than to do them sometimes!!
Wren: But if you don’t say or do anything then nothing changes!!
CinderEmmie: That’s true… But it’s still kinda rude!! You gotta find the right time and place and way to say it!!
?: Ho ho ho! Am I late?
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