Chapter 11 page 59

Wren waves her wand at each of the robot princes and shouts words of admonition and advice at them with a big O mouth.
Wren: *to Prince Shiny* Don’t be so sad all the time!! You can’t see the happy things if you’re always sad!! 
*to Prince Yùzǐ* Don’t be so happy all the time!! Being sad is important too!! 
*to Prince Morio* Even if you can’t make good faces you can still share your feelings!! So do that!!

Author’s notes: Happy first ever Webcomic Day! Every day I’m amazed at how much imaginative, fantastic work you can find online that is free to read. So many amazing creators working in so many genres and styles, inspiring me to keep honing my craft. Thank you so much for being a supporter of this medium!

At the end of last week I did a doodle of Emmie, Morio, Yùzǐ and Shiny, where I swapped around their hairstyles for fun. And gave myself cognitive dissonance, haha. You can check it out in the gallery!

♥ Maiji (May 9, 2022)

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