Chapter 11 page 57

Prince Morio and Prince Yùzǐ encourage Prince Shiny, and the sparkle summoners jump in too with words of support. As Prince Shiny continues to hem and haw, a new voice rings out.
Prince Morio: If you want to do it, I support you. If you decide not to, I support you too. 
Prince Shiny: But the storyteller leaves soon…
Prince Morio: We can talk about it.
Prince Yùzǐ: If you go, I can go with you!! 
Sibao: Duh! We’re travelling anyways!!
Prince Shiny: But…
Wubao: W-we’ll look out for each other. 
You can always come back if you change your mind, right?
Prince Shiny: I suppose so, but… 
…I still feel terribly uncertain— 
?: I know what you should do!!!
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