Chapter 11 page 51

Prince Shiny and Wubao, their mouths open in amazement, look on in the crowd of children. When the show ends, Prince Shiny approaches Storyteller Zhou, who tips their hat in greeting.
Storyteller Zhou: …And that’s the end of today’s show! Thanks for watching!
(Kids: awwwww)
Storyteller Zhou: Tomorrow’s the exciting conclusion!
(Kids: Yaaay!!!)
Prince Shiny: Pardon me— 
That was an absolutely riveting performance! 
Wubao: Y-yes! It was wu… wonderful!
Storyteller Zhou: Thanks! —Say, do I know you from somewhere?
Prince Shiny: I believe this is our first meeting.
Storyteller Zhou: My mistake. (haha)
Guess you just reminded me of a character from one of the stories I tell.
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