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Prince Shiny joins the crowd of children watching the performance. Storyteller Zhou points to the kamishibai stage, a framed illustration that says "The adventures of Onigiri & Bread Head" with the two robots. They pull the sheet of paper out to reveal another drawing behind it, of Bread Head looking out a circular window with tears streaming down his face. The next illustration after shows Onigiri lying on the ground with scratches and dents, an intimidating looking hard drive standing across from him.
Storyteller Zhou: All right, here we go. 
So when we were last with them, 
Onigiri was locked in a deadly battle against the Seven Partitioned Drives. 
Bread Head was trapped on the other side of the server room, watching but unable to help…
“No, Onigiri!” cried Bread Head, visual sensors flooding with cleaning fluid.
“You have to win!! You can’t go down like this!!”

Author’s notes: Speaking of exciting stories, the SpiderForest Threads: Creatures comic anthology Kickstarter campaign is down to its final hours! It ends tomorrow April 8, and we could use all the love and signal boosts we can get. And I’ll be honest, I’m going “please please please” for the stickers stretch goal… in no small part because this little snake friend is one of them!

Please check out this wonderful collection of 19 stories about creatures of all kinds, and support or share it if you are able to. Whether or not you are able to, thank you as always for reading and following along with Now Recharging, and I hope you have a lovely and restorative weekend!

♥ Maiji (April 7, 2022)

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