Chapter 11 page 49

Prince Shiny tugs at Prince Yùzǐ’s arm to get his attention, and then heads over to see the storyteller. It’s Mx. Zhou, wearing a smart little hat with goggles resting on the rim. They’re standing next to a bike with a small display on it, reminiscent of a kamishibai (Japanese street theatre paper-based storytelling art form). As they continuing extolling the upcoming performance, Prince Shiny realizes his thoughtlessless with a start and apologizes to Wubao.
Prince Shiny: That must be the traveler Fara mentioned. 
Dear brother, I am going to go watch the storyteller.
Prince Yùzǐ: Okely-dokely!
?: Storyteller Zhou is here
with the next exciting installment you won’t want to miss!
The Adventures of Onigiri and Bread Head!
Shiny: Ah, I am sorry… (How rude of me—I neglected to ask…) Is this all right?
Wubao: Yes, Wubao want to watch too!

Author’s notes: Ahhh! We’re in the last four days of the SpiderForest Threads: Creatures comic anthology Kickstarter campaign and we’re so, so close. 100+ beautiful full-colour pages with 19 diverse and fantastical stories of all kinds of creatures… I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that we can make it and see this lovely collection in print. If you love animals, stories, art, comics and books, or know anyone who does, it would be so appreciated if you can check out and share the campaign!

♥ Maiji (March 31, 2022)

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