Chapter 11 page 45

CinderEmmie and Morio continue chatting while interacting with various townspeople, including a lost child, a young woman wth a sheepdog, a lady selling pretty rocks, a stray cat, a trio of vendors selling trinkets and making tasty dumpling and tofu stew-like foodstuffs.
CinderEmmie: What happens if you don’t find success?
Prince Morio: I’m not sure. It seems to be something we’re expected to find, eventually.
(Small child: Waaaaaaaaaa
CinderEmmie: You lost your mom? Don’t worry, we’ll help!)
CinderEmmie: Hmm… Since they didn’t give very good instructions, I guess you just try different things. And if you find something you like doing and wanna do more of it, that’s probably a start! 
(CinderEmmie: Yooniss sheep doggy)
(CinderEmmie: Wow wow wow)
(CinderEmmie: Ooooooo pretty rocks ooooo
Prince Morio: These rocks are very nice
Shopkeeper: Take your time~)
(CinderEmmie: A kitty!)
(CinderEmmie: nom nom
Prince Morio: nom nom)
Prince Morio: I did like helping you clean the castle yesterday.
CinderEmmie: You guys did a great job!
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