Chapter 11 page 43

CinderEmmie and Prince Morio chat as they complete more errands. Prince Morio is hugging a very large watermelon.
CinderEmmie: And that’s how I got a job with Miss Princess Turtle! Hahahahaha!
Prince Morio: Ha ha ha. That is a very good story.
CinderEmmie: Thanks! Your stories are so good too!
Prince Morio: You really think so?
CinderEmmie: Yeah! You pay attention to stuff I never woulda thought of!
Prince Morio: Thank you.
By the way, I was wondering. Do you always use the same cleaner? (The container looks different from what we used yesterday…)
CinderEmmie: Oh yeah, the container always changes! They recycle and reuse the different ones they get back.
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