Chapter 11 page 41

CinderEmmie, the robot princes and the two sparkle summoners make their way down the street, walking side by side chatting happily. Various townspeople periodically try to politely pass, and they gradually try to narrow the space they take up on the street - first by carrying the sparkle summoners on Prince Yùzǐ’s head and in Prince Shiny’s arms, and eventually all riding on Prince Morio A.
Townsperson: Excuse me. 
Everyone: Excuse us. 
Elderly lady: Excuse me. 
Everyone: Excuse us.
(Person stepping outside of building to see Morio A: Whoaaa oh my god)
Townsperson with oxcart: Uhhh excuse me…
Everyone: Excuse us.
(Other townsperson: Uh…)
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