Chapter 11 page 40

The laundrybots finish discussing. Ibao swivels and rolls towards the Prince Yùzǐ to make a request. The three robot princes unanimously agree to the request, while CinderEmmie asks if the sparkle summoning operations will be OK. The laundrybots are unconcerned.
Ibao: OK. *swivel*
*rolling over* Would you mind taking two of us? For at least part of your trip?
Neither Sibao nor Wubao have ever been outside this town. They can teach you cleaning powers 
(Sibao: Howdy!
Wubao: he…hello…)
and you can help them see more of the world and build their experience!
Prince Yùzǐ: Whoa, sure! ‘Zat cool with you guys?
Prince Morio: That is all right with me.
Prince Shiny: I would be most honoured to be graced with their company. 
CinderEmmie: Are you guys gonna be OK? How’re you gonna do the five elements summoning thing?
Erbao: Oh, we don’t actually need five of us to summon. That’s just for fun, like all the shiny fwwwoooom effects.
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