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A scroll unfurls around our heroes. In the background, Morio A peeks through. In the foreground, surrounded by sparkles: CinderEmmie, hair tied up in a bow and wearing a bright blue dress, looks surprised while clutching the head of a vacuum cleaner. They are flanked by Prince Morio B and Prince Yùzǐ. Prince Morio B is in fantastical European-style prince uniform, holding a mop in one hand and folded linens in another, surrounded by roses. Prince Yùzǐ is dressed in fantastical Chinese-style prince robes, holding a squirt bottle in one hand, with peonies behind him. In front of them, Prince Shiny gazes back, dressed in fantastical Japanese-style prince  robes and holding a feather duster, surrounded by chrysanthemums.
The Tale of CinderEmmie and the Three Robot Princes

Author’s notes: Next week is virtual Canzine, running from Friday October 22 to Monday October 25, 2021! This year all the sections are food-themed, and I’ll be appearing in Fry Fest with some books, zines, and Lenormand card decks. I’m really excited to check it out as well, it’s always an inspiring event!

♥ Maiji (October 14, 2021)

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