Chapter 11 page 39

The laundrybots proudly explain their skills. Prince Yùzǐ is very enthusiastic about learning, but pauses when he realizes he might not be able to stick around to learn. This seems to give the laundrybots an idea, and they converge into another circle to discuss while CinderEmmie and the robot princes look on.
Sanbao: Yeah, and that’s not all! We channel the power of clean through the five elements!
In addition to conjuring top quality supplies, we can transform anything into a super clean state!
Prince Yùzǐ: Mindblowing!! I wanna learn to do that!! 
Erbao: If you apprentice at our shop, we can teach you.
Prince Yùzǐ: Awwww yeah!!!
Prince Yùzǐ: …oh, but we’re in the middle of a journey. Not sure I can stay here too long…
CinderEmmie: ! Wait
Maybe this’s…
Shiny: Ah-
Ibao: A journey, eh? You mind if we chat on our end for a bit?

Author’s notes: Earlier this month I received a gift from Aron of Tamuran: a very Shiny bookmark. He’s so beautiful! And adorned with sparkles from the mica watercolours!! I wish I could show you how shiny Shiny really is in person, down to his glittering lashes.

Tamuran is an epic fantasy adventure about an exiled prince, a shapeshifting court lady, a Wild Elf and a curiously-academic beast racing to save a cursed kingdom! Rendered in traditional media, the art is lovely, with textures and that are such a feast for the eyes and many wonderful details. Check it out here!

♥ Maiji (February 28, 2022)

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