Chapter 11 page 38

A giant container emerges from the centre of the star, sparkling. CinderEmmie hugs it happily. The three robot princes are in awe - none more so than Prince Yùzǐ who is literally speechless. When he recovers, he jabs a finger at the laundrybots, full of questions.
CinderEmmie: Hoo-ray!! This is the best all-purpose cleaner ever!! Thanks so much you guys!!
*Container reads: All-purpose cleaner, certified organic, not tested on animals*
Prince Morio: That was very impressive.
Prince Shiny: It indeed glows with a light as bright as my title, if not more!
Ibao: Hahaha, thanks! You folks new around here?
CinderEmmie: Yeah, they’re three robot princes seeking their fortunes! They helped me clean a lot of stuff!
Prince Yùzǐ: This is so damn cool!! So you guys can summon up the best cleaners in the world??

Author’s notes: As mentioned last update, I set up an account on GlobalComix . Yesterday I posted a short comic I made a few years ago, Tusita’s Last Tenant. In this story, a small child finds themselves in one of the heavenly realms of traditional Buddhist cosmology, with no recollection of how they got there – or much of anything else, it seems. But they soon meet a stranger who seems to know them very well. I hope it may be enjoyable for anyone seeking some gentle contemplation. You can read it here.

♥ Maiji (February 24, 2022)

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