Chapter 11 page 28

The moon hangs over evening clouds. CinderEmmie, wearing pyjamas and recharging rollers in their hair, and Miss Princess Turtle, wearing a roller headband, look down over the balcony at the robot princes. They are all wrapped snuggly in puffy sleeping bags, encircled by Prince Morio A. All wish each other a good night, and CinderEmmie and Miss Princess Turtle shut the balcony screens. Inside, a jewel clicks on to light the room, revealing CinderEmmie and Miss Princess Turtle lounging in an extensive blanket fort. CinderEmmie’s glittering glass slippers hang from the ceiling.
CinderEmmie: G’night robot princess!!! Sleep tight!!!
*CinderEmmie wearing recharging rollers in their hair, and Miss Princess Turtle wearing a roller headband*
Robot princes: Good night, CinderEmmie and Miss Princess Turtle.
*shhhf* *clik*
CinderEmmie: …I’ve been thinking, and I don’t get it.

Author’s notes: Another fun SpiderForest Webcomic Collective Draw This In Your Style collab!

Nutty, creator of Court of Roses, drew this version of Emmie and the little ones from Chapter 7 page 71 that made me exclaim “OH my gooshness!!” So adorable!!

Court of Roses follows a very diverse group of bards on an adventure to solve a murder mystery. The characters are so vibrant and charming, and the entire world is so full of colour (literally) and permeated with such love for the art and craft of music and storytelling. I was absolutely enchanted! If you love fun character interactions, classic fantasy (e.g., D&D and such) with thoughtful worldbuilding, and positive LGBTQIA+ representation, I really recommend it!

♥ Maiji (January 20, 2022)

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