Chapter 11 page 26

CinderEmmie speaks up nervously. Prince Shiny sparkles intently as he listens and asks questions. He acknowledges what CinderEmmie says, and then continues to lament, looking down at his feather duster with a sorrowful expression.
CinderEmmie: I don’t know your brothers as well as you do
But they seem like really caring robots. Maybe they’re just as worried!
Prince Shiny: If that is so, then why do they not speak to me of this? They always stop the conversation or change the subject on me.
CinderEmmie: (uwaaa super sparkly) Maybe they don’t know what to say because they’re scared!!
Prince Shiny: …Perhaps so… 
Sometimes I fear we may never find our fortunes. And at the same time I fear for our success, that we may all go our own ways and never see each other again. My heart aches at the thought.
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