Chapter 11 page 25

CinderEmmie frowns at the revelation, They pause before asking the question. Flower petals suddenly appear as Prince Shiny laments his situation and CinderEmmie looks around, confused.
[It was becoming apparent to CinderEmmie that the three robot princes, as different as they were, all worried very much about the same thing. But for some reason they did not share this with each other, and it seemed to be creating a lot of extra stress.]
CinderEmmie: *inhale* How come? 
Prince Shiny: Nothing is for certain in this world fraught with unknowns.
(CinderEmmie: Where did all these petals come from?
??? ??)
Prince Shiny: I was activated and trained on algorithms alongside my brothers from the very first day I gained sentience. 
They have always been at my side, throughout all of my constant fretting.
I love them for that, yet it also frustrates and distresses me to no end.
When I try to have a serious discussion, I feel my words fall unheard.
My two-bodied brother seems unmoved by anything, while my single-bodied brother makes light of all. How can they be so nonchalant about our futures?
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