Chapter 11 page 18

Prince Shiny bows deeply and asks CinderEmmie a question. CinderEmmie thinks hard, then claps and manifests a messagebot maiji. They grab the messagebot maiji, much to its surprise, and talk at it like a phone.
Prince Shiny: …Thank you for your generosity.
Do you perhaps have any suggestions for where we might find our fortunes?
CinderEmmie: Hmmm… (thinking thinking…)
I know! Maybe my Robo-Fairy Godmother can help! She’s the one who got me a job with Miss Princess Turtle! 
*pop – messagebot maiji manifesting*
CinderEmmie: *grab: Robo-Fairy Godmother? Are you there? It’s me, CinderEmmie! 
(Messagebot Maiji: Am I a phone…)
Aww… Looks like I’m hitting voice mail… 
(Messagebot maiji, arms folded in annoyance: This is not how this works… haven’t you read the comic…)
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