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CinderEmmie, resting their sunglasses on their head, notices Prince Shiny doesn't seem to be doing anything and approaches him to find out why. The air is filled with a delicate pink floral fragrance. Miss Princess Turtle also removes her sunglasses. Prince Shiny explains his inaction.
CinderEmmie: Hey, it’s your turn to do something to impress Miss Princess Turtle! 
Oh! *sniff sniff*
You smell like flowers! Is that it?
Prince Shiny: I do not know.
CinderEmmie: Whaddyou mean you don’t know?
Prince Shiny: I do not know anything about Miss Princess Turtle.
I did not even know that she was a turtle until I met her.
How can I presume to know what would impress her?

Special feature: SpiderForest 2021 Comics of the Week – Anything But Typical. From Magical Girls to Mutants, these schools are anything but your run of the mill learning centers!

XII: Of Magic and Muses

XII: Of Magic and Muses – The infection has spread beyond control, their quiet home a prison. Willow and the rest of the XII, incapacitated and injured, try desperately to make sense of the world they never knew they lived in. Trapped in the claws of the Headmistress and their necklaces confiscated – the only thing the girls have left: is escape. [Webtoon Mirror]


Michael – What would it be like to be a mutant in an all human high school? Ready or not Michael is about to find out as his sharkmue genetics kick into gear just before his ninth grade year. [Webtoon Mirror]

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