Chapter 11 page 11

The three robot princes stand in a line, with Morio A gazing through a window. CinderEmmie, still holding the broom, waves vigorously at Miss Princess Turtle emerging from an indoor pool.
CinderEmmie: Miss Princess Turtle, the robot princes are here! 
They’re asking for your flipper in marriage! Whaddyou wanna do now?
Miss Princess Turtle: *signing*
CinderEmmie: They each gotta do something to impress you and then you’ll decide? OK. 
*turns around and points three fingers at the robot princes* Each of you please take turns to demonstrate a skill to impress Miss Princess Turtle!
Miss Princess Turtle: *nod*
Prince Morio: OK.
Prince Yùzǐ: No sweat!
Prince Shiny: …

Special feature: SpiderForest 2021 Comics of the Week – Surviving the Aftermath. The apocalypse is a long distant memory, yet it still affects the worlds in this week’s comics.

O Sarilho

O Sarilho – An alien gets shot in the face four times and for some reason that starts a war. O Sarilho means knot, entanglement, or a twist. It also means trouble. It is a story of war, conflict, and facing the unknown.

Gifts of Wandering Ice

Gifts of Wandering Ice is a sci-fi comic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs.

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