Chapter 11 page 10

CinderEmmie continues their dialogue with the unnamed visitor (the reader). They turn around and head back in to get ready for the three robot princes.
CinderEmmie: What? There’re three robot princes coming to seek their fortunes?
They’re gonna ask for Miss Princess Turtle’s hand in marriage? 
OK, I’ll go let her know.
But somebody better tell those princes—
Miss Princess Turtle doesn’t have hands, she has flippers!

Author’s notes: Thank you, dear readers, for giving CinderEmmie the heads-up! Heeheehee. 😀

Kristina Stipetic of Alethia surprised me with this lovely drawing of Alethia’s Jun and Morio enjoying oolong tea together <3 I love them and I love oolong!!

Alethia is a beautifully-illustrated world of robots without their Creators, constructing their own strange-yet-so-familiar societies. It’s a series with characters and concepts that really get under your skin and into your brain!

♥ Maiji (November 4, 2021)

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