Chapter 10 page 9

The laundrybots comment on the scent in the air, while Emmie is horrified by the lack of manners.
Sanbao: You smell!
Emmie: (Aaaaa) You’re so rude!!! (You don’t say stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!)
Sanbao: What? I didn’t say he smells bad,
Erbao: Yeah, it’s really nice!
Ibao: You smell like a super clean old house!
Sibao: You smell like outside with all the fresh green stuff!
Wubao: Y-you smell like cha…chamaecyparis obtusa!

Author’s notes: As I mentioned last week, virtual TCAF is running until May 15, 2021, with lots of fantastic things to check out – including, of course, a shared online marketplace (with over 350 creators and publishers from 10 countries) where you can also pick up some print copies of Now Recharging, and more! Direct link to my page is here.

I’m also trying something new – participating in Zoom Exhibitor Rooms! I’ll be in Exhibitor Room C on Thurs May 13 at 8pm EST, and will be sharing my screen as I work on digital art for about an hour (maybe even two? Depends on how the day goes, and my energy level). Pop by, say hi, and watch me doodle! Hopefully my Internet connection doesn’t lag too badly or crash, haha!

♥ Maiji (May 10, 2021)

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