Chapter 10 page 49

Closeups of Shiny’s face as he lowers his gaze, then sighs. As he speaks and lifts one sleeve to cover his face, petals swirl about him. The laundromat audience is silent for several moments before Sanbao speaks.
Shiny: *sigh*
When I gaze out upon this dewdrop world
I find my sleeves soaked with tears.
*faaaa whoosh – petals blowing in the wind*
Sanbao: Seems kinda long for a catchphrase, but OK.

Author’s notes: Ack, I’ve been having some technical site issues related to the updates I mentioned last week. It seems to be only affecting people on Firefox. You can read more about it on my Pillowfort, including the workarounds. Sorry to everyone, especially you patient readers on Firefox! I’m scratching my head a bit at how best to reach people to explain what’s going on and what they can do to make the site visible if they can’t see the site 🙁 but hopefully some of the cross-posting on my social media accounts about it helps.

Other than that, I’m well and feeling very fortunate to be able to say that! It’s starting to get chillier here with the fall weather beginning to roll in… I hope you are all safe and in good spirits!

♥ Maiji (September 27, 2021)

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