Chapter 10 page 43

The shuttle continues along the tree-lined road as Shiny and Rose chat.
Shiny: Do you know if it is possible for the technicians to change the scent in my fragrance feature?
Rose: That shouldn’t be an issue.
Shiny: Do you think they could make me smell like cinnamon buns?
Rose: Huh??
Uh…  I think it would be best to check specifics with them. And Marketing.
Shiny: Thank you. I will be sure to ask them about it.
*distant gaze*
Rose, may I ask you another question?
Rose: *smiling uncertainly* Sure.
Shiny: Do you know of a technician named Zhou?

Author’s notes: True North Country Comics Podcast asked me to share some of my favourite comics! 😀 It was fun (and difficult…) trying to narrow it down to a list of 10. You can check out my picks here! Fun fact – the titles are split right down the middle between male and female creators (5 of each). I didn’t notice this till just now!

♥ Maiji (September 6, 2021)

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