Chapter 10 page 41

Shiny enters the shuttle. Rose is sitting inside, and she cheerfully greets him. His response surprises her.
Shuttle doors: *shhh*
Shuttle: Welcome, Shining Prince. 
Rose: Hi, Shining Prince! 
Shuttle: Next stop: Red Dust World Labs.
Rose: How’d it go? Did you have a good time?
[Shiny in Rose’s imagination: Ah, lovely Rose, it was a most splendid outing. I had a delightful time observing the spinning of the cycles. *return to gloom mood*]
Shiny: It was wonderful. I made many new friends. We folded laundry, wrote poetry, read stories and made pancakes. Thank you, Rose.

Special feature: This week’s new SpiderForest 2021 members highlight Comedy. They’re fun and surprising romps in some very familiar, and very different, environments! Each of these webcomics has its own unmistakable style and vision to experience!

Honestly Not a Robot – It is no secret that juggling awkward customers, co-worker squabbles and impractical management dogma is a delicate balance to maintain even for seasoned staff like Damian, Flori or others; so how will a completely inexperienced newbie like Ash cope?

Gobo Gazette – Twelve goblins leave their home to find their place in the great big world outside. What could possibly go wrong?

Latchkey Kingdom – Willa Dragonfly is too young to save the kingdom from monsters and evil-doers… but she does it anyway!

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