Chapter 10 page 4

Rose is exasperated and steps in to put an end to the technicians’ pointless refuting of the Shining Prince’s logic.
Rose: Oh, for…
Look at him!!
You guys are stressing him out!!
Shining Prince: *radiating sad, stress, sad, growing despondent, what do…*
Rose: Can’t you see that he really wants to go to a laundromat??
We can let him do that!
Shining Prince: *lifting his head to look at Rose* My deepest gratitude, lovely Rose. It is clear that you are as devastatingly to the point as the sharp thorns of your most exquisite namesake suggest. I am in your debt— *glitter glitter sparkle*. 
Rose: *shading her eyes with one hand* Good to know. 
You want to go to the place on the coupon?
Shining Prince: Please. With your permission.
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