Chapter 10 page 39

Closeup of Yùzǐ’s residual right arm as he cheerfully interrupts Shiny and Emmie, Morio following closely behind.
Yùzǐ: Hey you guys!!
We’re done folding! Wanna make pancakes??
Morio: I have some new recipes we can try.
Emmie: There would never be new recipes if everything was forever!!
Shiny: Mm.
Morio and Yùzǐ: ?
Emmie: Yeah!! Let’s make pancakes!!

Special feature: This week’s new SpiderForest 2021 members are a diverse selection across Science Fiction and Horror. As dramatically different as the tone, art style and subject matter may be across the three stories, all of them have quite engaging and intriguing character dynamics, relationships and histories to delve further and fall deeper into…

Leaving the Cradle – Gharr, an alien researcher, gets stranded on Earth after making one too many rash decisions. He has no way of calling back for help, and no certainty that the natives are to be trusted… So began the First Contact Incident.

Calia Nova – Aspiring witch Violet Amaryllis aims to reform the corrupt Hero Industry, and attending academy Calia Nova seems like the perfect way to do it! However, she’s swept up in politics and rivalries, and learns that justice prevails… until it doesn’t.

Conduit – Simon is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter who is being haunted by a mysterious spirit in his home. His best friend Chakor, who just so happens to be a lich, promises him that with the help of his own ghost hunting dance squad they can fight it.

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