Chapter 10 page 37

Visualization of a sun, its beams radiating over floating clouds. Next a full moon, rain pours down over a field of lotus flowers. On one of the leaves is Mister Bug. Back in the present, Shiny reflects.
Shiny: And so we recognize
all things great and small come and go.
The sun and the rain.
The flowers and the moon.
And Mister Bug.
We know it must happen, so we are sad.
But it is because we know that this must happen, that it makes every moment of the existence we share even more precious and beautiful.

Special feature: The SpiderForest Webcomic Collective I belong to recently announced our new members from the 2021 applications, and I’m excited to get to share these wonderful comics with you every week until the end of August! This week highlights Fantasy, and these stories each have very distinct, appealing visual styles and takes on the genre to capture the imagination!

Jack Beloved – Born the son of a deserter, Sam must hunt a monster to restore his honor. But when Sam captures a jack named Wick, he forms a friendship more dear than any he’s had before, and must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Root and Branch – Ariana has left her lands, traveling far afield in search of the Great Tree and its legendary healing powers. She has encountered the mythical humans, and is slowly learning their strange ways. What troubles is she fleeing, and what will she find?

Knights of the Wandering Castle – Blanc and Samson are two aspiring knights working for Granborough, a giant behemoth of a castle that travels the country. On their adventures they discover what being a knight actually entails.

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