Chapter 10 page 3

Rose enters the technicians’ work area to find the Shining Prince confusing the technicians with his requests. More Technicians gather around as the conversation continues, trying to be helpful.
Shining Prince: Would that be all right? To visit the laundromat. With your permission.
Technician: Uh… Why do you want to visit the laundromat?
Shining Prince: I would like to take my clothing there for cleaning services.
Other technician: We can clean your clothes right here.
Shining Prince: *lowers his head*
Technicians: ……..
Shining Prince: *lifts his head* But I have a coupon. *offers up a coupon*
Technicians: (…Where did he get that?) *whisper whisper* 
Technician: There’s no charge to clean your clothes here.
Technician: (And your clothes don’t need cleaning right now anyways)
Shining Prince: *slump*
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