Chapter 10 page 24

Emmie gets excited and tells Shiny all about their favourite story. Shiny’s eyes widen as they take in this information.
Emmie: Ooooh!! I love stories too!! 
My favourite is Mimi Show Hack!! Do you know it??
It’s about a robot who thinks he’s useless ’til he gets into an accident and this inventor named Mimi helps him get put back together
and she gets him a job protecting human people and robots from human people and robots doing bad things!!
And there are really cool robots and special moves and making friends and I love it sooo much!!
Shiny: I am most abashed to admit that I am wholly unfamiliar with this exciting tale.
Emmie: I have the first book in my bag!! I bought it with my own money after I borrowed it so many times!! I can read it to you! Morio says I do very good sound effects!! 
Umm… if that’s OK with you…
Shiny: I would be delighted to hear your telling.

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