Chapter 10 page 12

Emmie pauses in mid-excitement flailing, and poses a question to Shiny. Unable to answer, it sets off a flurry of theories amongst the other robots.
Emmie: !
I have an important question! What’s your catchphrase?
Shiny: … 
Erbao: It’s “…”?
Sibao: He probably can’t reveal it since he hasn’t had his official debut yet!
Emmie: Let’s guess what it could be! *to Shiny* You tell us if we’re close!
(Sanbao and Emmie: Smells smell!! Shines shine! Snacks snack!!)

Author’s notes: I finally posted a facial expressions art meme I drew of Shiny back in February! You can see it in the Gallery. I also did a Pillowfort post comparing the same meme done with all four main M-series/M-series-derived robots, along with some brief thoughts about each of them! You can see it here.

♥ Maiji (May 20, 2021)

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