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A sheet of paper with a story written on it in childish block print handwriting, accompanied with drawings of squiggly sheep, hearts, and what appears to be a little dark-haired figure next to a pile of round circles. Crayons and a pencil lie next to the paper.
Title: Why I Like Sheeps
By: Emmie
Once upon a time there is a happy robot. The robots name is Emmie. Emmie has a sheep name is Ranran. Emmie’s most favouritist thing in the word is sheeps Because sheeps are soft and fluffy and they make me happy. Also I like clouds and marshmallow and cotton balls Because there like sheeps. So Emmie found lots of sheeps marshmallows clouds and another things and they live happy ever after. And thats the end of the story. By Emmie

Writing sample by M-E3, resident of the NUWA Research Institute
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