Chapter 0 page 65

XIÀ brings some good news. Emmie stares blankly, having a hard time processing it.
XIÀ: Emmie, wait, I have news for you.
Emmie: What’s up, Boss?
XIÀ: Congratulations, Emmie, you’re hired! You have a probationary assignment with the Jīn-Lán family. It will be part-time for three months, and at that point they will review.
Emmie: I’m hired?
XIÀ: Yes. Part time, three months, and then—
Emmie: Hired like opposite of fired hired?
XIÀ: Yes. P—
Emmie: Hired like I have a job hired?
XIÀ: Yes. 
Emmie: Really?
XIÀ: Yes.
Emmie: Really really?
XIÀ: Yes.
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