Chapter 0 page 62

After the interview, Wren goofs off with her stuffed horse, bouncing its nose on the objects while George and Hana try to make a decision on hiring.
(Hana: Wren sweetie, please don’t donk the coffee table.)
XIÀ: Hello. How is your decision-making coming along?
Hana: It’s so hard!
George: You found us a lot of excellent candidates. Even the one who doesn’t specialize in child care was strong.
XIÀ: Yes, Emmie is not the most polished, but I believe they are a good fit aptitude- and personality-wise. 
Hana: I really do like Emmie.They were so heartfelt.
They were definitely Wren’s favourite too. Did you see how she opened up?
(*flashbacks of some of the interviews*
Robot: Hello I am Nannybot 3000
Wren: *sweat*
Robot: I am Babby Buddy the child monitor
Wren: *ignore*
Wren: This is my horsie and this is my baby sister!!
Emmie: What’re their names?)
George: I know. I just wish they had more real-world experience. 
Hana: Well… We said we wanted someone who thinks through things, who can grow with us.
If only we could actually watch Emmie at work…
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