Chapter 0 page 58

The little girl asks a question, embarrassing her mother Hana. George, the father, gets the interview started properly.
Child: …Are you a boy or a girl?
Emmie: I’m a robot!
Hana: (Wren!!)
I’m so sorry, we told her she could ask any questions she thought of. Do you have a preference for he, she, they…?
Emmie: (hmm…) People call me they, he, it…
(Hana: If it’s OK, we’ll use “they”. Wren honey, Emmie is a they)
(Wren: Is they a boy or a girl)
(XIÀ: I will leave you to your interview)
(Hana: Not everybody falls into those categories, honey)
George: Please, have a seat.
We already know your specs and general experience levels.. 
I understand you’re in training, which is fine. We don’t want to jump in blindly. We plan on being more hands-on at the beginning to ease everyone into the new routine.
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