Chapter 0 page 30

After some effort, Emmie pulls Ranran out of the tiny locker and proceeds to retrieve their bag. Meanwhile, Fara scans the runlist for work opportunities - then notices that an “S” size label is sticking out the back of Emmie’s shirt collar.
Emmie: *tug tug*
Ranran: *POOFF*
Fara: Um, I could also keep Ranran with me behind the counter.
Emmie: It’s OK.
Fara: Mmm. Let’s see… There’s an NP shopping errand—
Emmie: I’ll take it!
Fara: Are you sure? It’s NP, so the funds only cover the shopping list.
Emmie: Well I don’t have anything else to do and if it’s NP and on the backlog it’s probably been there for a while and now they probably really really need it!
Fara: !
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