Chapter 0 page 29

Fara tries to console Emmie with opportunities for work, cheering the latter up. When Emmie goes to get their bag from the Guest Services storage lockers lining the wall next to Fara, they discover Ranran - their stuffed sheep - has been squeezed into a smaller locker.
Fara: There’s always a fair day around the corner, right? There’ll be more interviews!
Emmie: Yeah…
Fara: …
Speaking of there being more things, I need to check the runlist backlog. We’re a little short-staffed…
Emmie: I can help! I just need to get my bag!
Fara: Wonderful!
Emmie: Thank you for always letting me keep my stuff here…
Fara: Oh, it’s no problem at all! I just move it to a smaller storage when I need the space.
Emmie: AAHH!! RANRAN!!
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