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Behind the scenes cover image. Watercolour illustration of Ranran the stuffed sheep next to laundry, folded clothing, and an open journal or sketchbook. A small squirrel-like maiji looks onwards, while little ones - golden creatures - fly about, hide in the laundry and rest on Ranran.

Hello lovely readers!

It’s been a month since Now Recharging ended. The main story may be over, but as mentioned previously, I’d like to periodically share reflections about the creation of this comic! I personally really enjoy getting behind-the-scenes peeks, so I hope others may also find it interesting to learn more about how Now Recharging was made. It will be very intermittent – whenever I clean up the photos or scans and manage to get my thoughts down in a coherent fashion. 

In the meantime, something nostalgic: the full Look (at Emmie) Book is now available in the gallery! (There are 35 images, so be aware before you click in case your internet is slow!)

Cover of Look (at Emmie) Book

In October 2016 I did a drawing-a-day ink challenge, drawing Emmie in different outfits and situations, with fun little mini comics. XIÀ, Wren, Susan and Morio also appear in it. (Fun fact: at that point Morio hadn’t yet appeared in the actual comic, so I hadn’t quite figured out/gotten used to drawing his design. You can see he’s missing those distinctive lines/indents under his eyes, and looks much younger!)

In other Now Recharging news, last month I posted some thoughts on serendipity in Now Recharging chapter covers (Pillowfort). I’ve also been working on finalizing the ebook PDFs for Books 4 and 5! Book 4 is (the very long) Chapter 7, and the cover will, naturally, feature Yùzǐ. Book 5 covers Chapters 8 through to the end (Chapter 11), and the cover will feature Shiny. As before, there will be little bonus drawings in each book, and interviews with our cover robots! I’ll share more as I get closer to wrapping these files up!

Peripherally related (thanks to Shiny) – I also recently wrapped up another project, an illustration series based on the Tale of Genji. I’m in the process of creating a card deck with it! You can check out the progress on my Pillowfort, and I’ll also post on my Ko-fi once it’s ready.

Keep cool and hydrated, and stay safe!

♥ Maiji (July 25, 2022)

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