Ten of Cups

nk and watercolour illustration of characters from Now Recharging. A hand, with a POV as if it were that of the viewer's, is reaching out with a sparkling glass tumbler towards in the midst of toasting another tumbler held by a cheerful Emmie the android, who is pumping their opposite fist in the air happily. Surrounding them are, clockwise from the top, Morio with a glass tumbler, the Shining Prince with a green teacup, the laundrybots Ibao, Sanbao, Wubao, Yùzǐ, Sibao, and Erbao. All the laundrybots are holding paper cups. Behind them are piles of laundry, various snacks, and blooming flowers.
Photo of a rough ink sketch in a sketchbook of the illustration.
Photo of the illustration at an inked stage.
Photo of the illustration at an in-progress painted stage.
Finished illustration formatted as a tarot card with the text "X - Ten of Cups" on it.

Part of the SpiderForest Tarot Spotlight Gallery mini interactive collaboration for September 2023. You can see all of the cards and get a reading here!


To be honest, it’s more like “Everybody who’s not a human”, and it’s not quite everybody… but it’s a lot of them!

Mid-Autumn Moon

The Moon Fairy, the Jade Rabbit, the Solar Archer and his ten Sun Crows. Digital illustration in Affinity Photo. Details below!.


The Magnolia General, sheeptaur Emmie, and naga Morio. This piece uses sparkly watercolours! Detail photos below.

Dark Warrior / Radiant Bird

The Dark Warrior of the North and the Radiant Bird of the South are a pair of gladiatorbots who were designed and developed in tandem. Released to the public on the same day, both proved very successful, their trading cards ranking among the most popular for collectors. The Dark Warrior remains active and is considered a threat to the current rising star of the Arena of Red Dust, the Prince. The Radiant Bird, however, was decommissioned following an unfortunate accident at the Arena.

The truth

Ink and pencil crayon comic of Emmie the android introducing themselves and discovering an unexpected surprise.

The Truth – based on actual drawings
Emmie: Hi! I’m Emmie the android, and—uwaaaaa why do I have six fingers on my hands?! (one two three four five six!! It’s definitely six!!! I don’t remember getting an upgrade?!!)
Morio: Is everything all right?
Emmie: Morio!! What happened?! You’re never mad!!
Morio: I’m not mad. *not mad at all*
Emmie: But you look mad!!! (And your hair is all weird!!)
Morio: The artist has a hard time with my face so sometimes this happens.
Emmie: Oh.
Well I guess having six fingers can be fun! Ha ha ha (Now I can count to 6 + 6!!)
The artist: Look I’m sorry OK
[The moral of the story: Drawing is hard. The end.]

What is palliative care?

NowRecharging.com/resources (includes a printable version of this comic!)

I’m not a medical professional, just someone who believes palliative care is a very important topic.

People are often afraid of the word “palliative” because it’s heavily associated with terminal illnesses, and by extension not only with death but also with failure or defeat – that accepting palliative care means accepting “the illness has won”. I think it’s really important to raise awareness, to change that perspective, and to increase support and services in this area. Palliative care is a kind of care and a philosophy that can make a huge difference to a lot of people.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to give a shoutout to the amazing Philip Aziz Centre and Emily’s House. They’re a Toronto-based palliative care organization with the city’s first – and so far, only – children’s hospice, and a simply incredible team of dedicated staff and volunteers. They are some of the loveliest people I have ever had the honour of getting to know. I would also never have had the confidence to draw this comic if it weren’t for them (thank you Amanda Maragos!!).

If you ever have the chance to learn more about palliative care, to participate in a course or a workshop on it, or to volunteer in this field, it’s an opportunity very much worth taking. The perspective and tools you gain are both humbling and truly enrich your sense of life and living.

And if it’s an option for you, please consider donating to support a palliative care organization. It’s honestly mind-blowing how much they do with what they have. If the palliative care philosophy and approach could become more well-known and available to everyone who needs it, that would be such a wonderful thing!