Ink Look Book (35 images)

Cover of the "Look (at Emmie) Book" in ink on textured paper. 32 days of Emmie the Android by Maiji/Mary Huang
September 30 ink look book illustration of Emmie encouraging the artist
Emmie: There are exactly 32 sheets of paper! (that you can draw on in this book) 31 sheets now! (you can do it! It’s OK if you smudge!)
What? You’re gonna draw me?? Is that interesting enough?
October 1 ink look book illustration: "everyday casual/my favourite thing to wear". Emmie in a shirt, loose pants, and slip-on shoes from Value Rama
(Emmie: Because they’re easy to put, he he he he)
October 2 illustration: "formal/black tie". Emmie with hair tied back in a suit trying to tie a bowtie while looking at instructions held up by XIÀ)
(Emmie: I don’t get it… why is this so hard waaaaaa waaaaaa *tantrum tantrum*)
October 3 illustration: "formal/black tie part II". Emmie in a dress with hair tied up and wearing clip-on earrings
(Emmie: How about this? La la la, la la *sashay sashay*)
October 4 illustration: "swimwear". Emmie in an old-school 1920s striped bathing suit with star-shaped sunglasses
(Emmie: Make sure you wear lens protectors in the sun! And human people need to put on screens for the sun. PSA!)
October 5 illustration: "pyjamas". Emmie in pyjamas and hugging Ranran, then trying to count sheep to sleep.
(Emmie: 0 sheep… 1 sheep… um… 10 sheep… 11 sheep…)
October 6 illustration: "school". Emmie in a formal high school uniform with a long-sleeve buttoned coat, formal bow, skirt and knee length stockings. They run along with a slice of bread in their mouth.
(Emmie: *toast nom nom nom* Just like human people do it!)
October 7 illustration: "work". Emmie in their job as a part-time nanny struggling with getting Wren into her coat, and ending up tangled while Wren runs about with her horsie plush
Emmie: Wren I gotta zip you up! (stop stoop stoooop wriggling)
Wren: I’m a horsie horsie horsie giddyap giddyap (giddyaaap giddyaaaaa)
(Emmie: *tangled in the coat*
Wren: *somehow slipped out* Giddyap yaaa giddyap giddyap)
October 8 illustration: "spring". Chibi Emmie with a tulip on their head, standing amongst other tulips
October 9 illustration: "autumn". Emmie wearing a hat, scarf and cozy coat holding maple leaves close to their face, then sneezing
October 10 illustration: "very cold weather". Emmie heavily bundled up in a knit tuque, earmuffs, scarf, long down-filled winter coat, gloves and boots
Emmie: *mumble mumble* (I can’t move)
(Just like Ranran *heart*)
October 11 illustration: "very hot weather". Emmie in a sleeveless shirt and shorts, sitting and sweating in front of a vigorously spinning Robofan 3000
(Emmie: My circuits are mellltinggg *roll roll roll*
Robofan 3000: *fwip fwip fwip*)
October 12 illustration: "rainy day". Emmie wearing a poncho style Value Rama plastic raincoat and rainboots, happily splashing in puddles
Emmie: Wow! Human people think of everything! (Wheeeee *splish splash*)
October 13 illustration: "what to wear when I wanna feel confident". Emmie with hair tied back and sunglasses on their head, wearing a business suit with a tie. Inset: Emmie lying face down on the ground, with XIÀ above them
Emmie: Human people call this a power suit! It makes you powerful! Yeah!!
XIÀ: You still need to recharge (Power suit doesn’t mean built-in power)
(Emmie: Oh)
October 14 illustration: "cycling outfit". Emmie with a sheep-themed safety helmet and wearing a cycling skinsuit. Inset: Emmie speeding along on a bike
(Emmie: Power cycle!!)
October 15 illustration: "out for a walk". Emmie wearing a sheep themed visor, in sleeveless shirt and rolled up pants. Inset: Emmie walking very rapidly
(Emmie: Power walk!!)
October 16 illustration: "random street fashion". Emmie in an eclectic streetwear getup, with some hair tied at the side, striking a V-sign pose for a camera. Ranran sits next to them with a large bow and flowers on its head. Inset: Emmie wearing a pot on their head and browsing a style magazine
(Emmie: Human people are so cool! They wear everything)
October 17 illustration: "what I wore as a kid at the Institute". Emmie in their Institute clothing, with short hair (not grown yet), an E-Z-Dress lab gown, no-slip slippers, and an identity tracking bracelet. Inset: Emmie with one slipper on their head and the other on one arm, and the rest of their lab gown in disarray, their rear showing, while Susan chases after them
(Emmie: Puh kwode on!!
Susan: Emmie put your clothes on properly)
October 18: "something from the artist's wardrobe that I would wear". Emmie sitting back casually in a long flannel shirt and leggings with sneakers. Inset: They look down in confusion at an annoyed maiji (the author)
(Emmie: But how do you fit in this? ?????????
maiji: I don’t actually look like this in real life OK)
October 19: "out-of-character". Emmie with their back to the viewer, looking very badass with an elaborate ram's-skull-plus-gears tattoo on their back. Inset: Chibi Emmie giggling and holding some markers
(Emmie: Actually it’s magical marker! he he he)
October 20 illustration: "incognito". Emmie in the style of René Magritte's painting "The Son of Man", wearing a bowler hat and suit with their face obscured by a striding sheep instead of an apple
October 21: "ugly- it's not uglyyy!! sweater". Emmie flailing in an ugly sweater covered in sheep and small bowties. Inset: Emmie hugs the sweater they are wearing by wrapping their arms around themselves
Emmie: It has sheeps! And it’s 3D. It has bows! It’s from Value Rama I like it
(Emmie: It’s OK sweater I don’t think you’re ugly *self-hug*)
October 22: "robot". Emmie wearing a headband with a pair of antennae-like extensions, and styled like a sleek sci-fi android with "M-E3" printed on the side of their arm. Inset: Emmie holding the side of the headband on their head and looking uncomfortable
(Emmie: It’s pinching my head)
October 23: "period costume I (Tang Dynasty Courtier". Emmie dressed in flowing robes and holding a pipa. Inset: Emmie rocking out on the pipa like an electric guitar
(Emmie: Pipaaa~ my pipaaa *strum strum strum* *tang twang*)
October 24 illustration: "period costume II (Tang Dynasty scholar)". Emmie dressed in flowing robes with a rolled up book in one hand. Inset: Emmie humming and practicing Chinese calligraphy but drawing sheeps instead
October 25: "period costume III (Tang Dynasty general)". Emmie in an impressive set of armour. Inset: They cutely ask a question
(Emmie: Can I ride on a sheep? he he he)
October 26: "steampunk". Emmie dressed in a cap, overalls and gloves with various steampunk type adornments. Inset: Emmie gasps at a revelation
(Emmie: waaaa that means I’m steam-powered??)
October 27: "cyberpunk". Emmie looking very Ghost in the Shell-style cool with shades on their eye and a leather jacket over a body suit. They glance back over their shoulder at the viewer. Past them is the view of a futuristic city with tall buildings, one labeled "Value Rama" and another "Fair Day"
(Emmie: So did you bring marshmallows? I really like marshmallows)
October 28: "favourite animal costume". Chibi Emmie dressed as a black sheet with three bags. Each bag has the word "wool" crossed out and "candy" written underneath
Emmie: These are for you! *heart*
October 29 illlustration: "As a(nother) work of art". Emmie looking up at a massive framed portrait of Emmie painted in a pose like Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa
Emmie: Oh… it’s the Mona Emmie… is it really this big…
October 30 illustration: "Another character's outfit". Emmie with their hair tied and wearing Fara's Fair Day concierge uniform, smiling and greeting customers. Inset: Fara clapping at Emmie's guest services performance
Emmie: Hi! Welcome to Fair Day! How can I help you!
(Farah: *clap clap* You’re doing a great job greeting, Emmie!
Emmie: Yay!)
October 31 illustration: Emmie glances at the calendar on the wall and realizes it's the last day of the art challenge. They congratulate the artist
Emmie: Huh? Hey! Wait a sec! Wow! Really! *wave, point* Hey! Look at the date (look look) It’s Oct 31st!! You did it! (Yaaaa) As soon as you finish inking this page, you’re done Inktober 2016!!! You should celebrate with candy!!! ’cause human people eat lots of candy on Halloween (and maybe you could buy me some marshmallows? he he he he he he)
November 1 illustration: Ink on textured paper bonus drawing of Morio. He is wearing a sweater and a coat and holding a tall coffee or tea cup that reads "Not for human consumption"
Ink look book back cover. Ink on textured paper. Emmie happily holding a sheet of paper, and then digging into a bag of marshmallows
Emmie: That was fun! I wanna do Inktober next year too! (nom nom nom nom)

A full flipthrough video of the booklet can be seen on Tumblr.