Ten of Cups – Tarot reading fun

Ten of Cups Tarot card featuring ink and watercolour illustration of characters from Now Recharging. A hand, with a POV as if it were that of the viewer's, is reaching out with a sparkling glass tumbler towards in the midst of toasting another tumbler held by a cheerful Emmie the android, who is pumping their opposite fist in the air happily. Surrounding them are, clockwise from the top, Morio with a glass tumbler, the Shining Prince with a green teacup, the laundrybots Ibao, Sanbao, Wubao, Yùzǐ, Sibao, and Erbao. All the laundrybots are holding paper cups. Behind them are piles of laundry, various snacks, and blooming flowers.

This is a super fun cross-webcomic collaborative/interactive project I got to work on with many of my lovely comicmates in the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective! 

The Ten of Cups is such a warm and cozy card of happiness and contentment with people you love. I thought it would be a perfect fit with my dear found family of robots, who are welcoming you to join them in their fun!

Check out all of the cards here – and get a fun reading!

You can also see the full illustration and work-in-progress photos in the gallery here.

Many thanks to Lucy (creator of the splendidly thought-provoking supernatural webcomic Spare Keys for Strange Doors) and Delphina (creator of the brilliantly worlds-hopping fantasy webcomic Sombulus for conceiving, organizing and implementing this!

♥ Maiji (September 1, 2023)

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