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Shiny bows suddenly in deep apology. As the others assure him there’s nothing to worry about, they notice something unusual in the air...
Shiny: My deepest apologies. I have been most remiss in my duties.
Please forgive me that I did not prepare any laundry, nor snacks.
Emmie: No worries!! We’re so excited just to have you here… ? Huh?
Morio: …This is…
Sanbao: …Hey…

Author’s notes: May 8-15, 2021, is virtual TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival)! TCAF is an internationally-respected comics festival well-known for their fantastic programming for creators and fans, and one of my favourite events every year (back when we used to go to physical events). They’re partnering with both Canzine and Comics x Games to create an online event celebrating comics, zines and indie games.

I’m one of the exhibitors at virtual TCAF, and that means… Now Recharging Books 1 and 2 (the physical books!) are going to be available for sale, along with some of my other comics/zines/creative projects!

What’s super neat is that TCAF is partnering with Broken Pencil (organizers of Canzine) to manage a consolidated storefront. This means you’ll be able to explore and shop from many amazing creators (including other members of the wonderful SpiderForest webcomic collective I’m in!) in one place instead of buying separately from every individual artist and dealing with all these separate stores/shipping etc. It’s a lot of hard work to coordinate something like this behind the scenes with so many creators all over the place, and incredibly ambitious. Needless to say, I am very excited about checking this out as a fan of indie comics!

♥ Maiji (May 6, 2021)

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